Jobs and Economy

I know that a strong economy and a good job is critical to someone’s well-being. State government has a responsibility to make sure we are creating the conditions needed so businesses can thrive and people can find the jobs they need to provide for their families.


My Accomplishments / What I'll Do
  • Championed a major overhaul of the state’s workforce departments to make them more helpful to workers and more responsive to employers.
  • Fought to lower our “highest in the Southeast” income tax rate to put money back in your pocket and make our state more attractive for economic development. 
  • Worked with Governor McMaster to fully fund job training and technical college education so people can get a low- or no-cost education so they can pursue their dream jobs. 
  • I’ll continue to push for policies that will raise per-capita incomes for Greenville and our entire state. Higher incomes mean better outcomes in nearly every category we study — notably education and healthcare.

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